ITT Cannon EV Charging Connectors

ITT Cannon offers a wide portfolio of EV Connectors include J2CE connectors, ECCV connectors, and J2IV inlets that are certified and approved to regional requirements. These solutions feature low contact resistance, an amperage range from 10A to 80A, a minimum of 10,000 mating cycles, and sealing to meet and exceed specifications. ITT Cannon EV Connectors are ideal for home EV charging units, public charging stations, electric watercrafts, EV mass transit vehicles, and roadside assistance trucks.

EV connectors are divided into three categories: IEC 62196 (Europe), SAE J1772 (Americas and Japan), and GB/T 20234 (China).


  • Cable options certified and approved to regional requirements
  • Sealing to meet and exceed specifications
  • Low contact resistance
  • Minimum 10,000 mating cycles


  • Home EV charging units
  • Public charging stations
  • Roadside assistance trucks
  • Fleet trucks
  • EV mass transit vehicles
  • Electric watercraft
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Electric motorcycles
  • Electric agriculture vehicles
發佈日期: 2021-11-02 | 更新日期: 2022-05-04